Delicious Alternatives This Festive Season

When you think of Christmas, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Amidst the presents, decorations and copious amounts of Baileys, food is usually at the top of the list. If you or your loved ones have food allergies, here are a few things to keep in mind in the run up to Christmas. Plus some inspiration for mouth watering delicious alternatives. 

Christmas catches us by surprise every year. November rolls around and before you know it, Michael Bublé is making his glorious return in shopping malls and shelves are brimming with mince pies. As we begin to deck our homes with lights and grand Christmas trees, there’s no better time to start thinking about the festive season. 

Despite all of the excitement, if you or someone you love has a food allergy, the holiday season can be tricky to navigate. Gingerbread and eggnog are everywhere you look, and the abundance of allergen-laden treats can become overwhelming. 

At Foodini, we know that inclusivity and enjoying the same pleasures as those without food allergies is essential to normalising dining with dietary needs. To keep things fun and festive this Christmas, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to rid yourself of stress when celebrating with food allergies, as well as some delicious alternatives.

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Communicate Early On – Don’t Wait Until Xmas Eve!

If you’ve ever hosted a Christmas party, you’ll know that it takes plenty of planning. Staying on top of your festive to-do list is the perfect way to keep things simple when catering to your loved one’s dietary needs. 

Amidst rolls of wrapping paper and dinner preparations, darting to the shops in search of last-minute gluten-free mince pies is the last thing you want to be doing on Christmas eve. 

So, let’s start simple. In the lead up to Christmas, asking your guests about their dietary needs and exploring their favourite alternatives is a great way to help them feel included, and make things easier for you, too!

The Big Day: A Feast For Everyone 

Ah, Christmas dinner. The star of the show. If you or your loved ones have a food allergy, you’ll know that preparation is the key to a successful roast with all the trimmings. 

Despite this, ‘spur of the moment’ opportunities are bound to pop up, so think ahead and have some allergy-friendly treats ready to go. Ditch the kitchen stress by baking and freezing in the lead up to Christmas so you’ve always got something to share, even if the last-minute rush catches up to you. 

Delicious Alternatives For Christmas Recipes 

Eat, drink and be merry. That’s what Christmas is all about. The pleasures of festive food should be enjoyed by everyone, including those with food allergies and intolerances. Here are some delicious alternatives:

Gluten-Free Gingerbread 

If you’re a lover of soft, spicy gingerbread, why not try them gluten-free?

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Nut-Free Christmas Pudding

Not only is this indulgent pudding entirely nut-free, but it also has a fruity twist, laden with silky dark chocolate and rich cherries. 

Dairy-Free Eggnog

Eggnog is Christmas in a glass. Most of us tend to love it or hate it, but either way, give this vegan version a go – you might be surprised. Sweetened with dates and apricots, this delicious tipple uses almond milk instead of heavy cream, and swaps egg yolks for creamy cashews. 

Find dairy-free delicious alternative Christmas recipe options

Group Dining on the Foodini App

If you’re planning on ditching the Christmas dinner stress altogether, this one is an absolute no-brainer! While we all love a home cooked turkey, handing the apron over to your favourite restaurant is a great option. 

Even so, your loved ones with food allergies still need to be aware of what’s going into their roast with all the trimmings, and with the group-dine feature on the Foodini App, you can do just that. 

With personalised dietary profiles, each person can plug-in their individual needs and your group will be matched with the most suitable restaurant for everyone. 

Food allergies or not, everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas. There’s no better feeling than cosying up to watch your favourite Christmas film or venturing off on a long walk to soothe your belly full of gingerbread and turkey. However you choose to celebrate this festive season, be sure to explore Foodini first and discover a whole world of allergy-friendly dining.