Catering for your dietary needs

At Foodini, we understand that following a specific diet can be challenging, whether it’s for medical reasons or personal lifestyle choices. We also hear from our community that it can be quite frustrating when you arrive at a restaurant and have very few options that cater to you or your party. That’s why our team of dietitians is dedicated to helping you navigate eating out with ease.

We currently cater for a wide range of diets, including vegetarian, vegan (or plant-based), pescatarian, pollotarian, low FODMAP, keto (coming soon), and low carb (coming soon), among others, to ensure that you can make informed choices and eat with confidence. Whether you’re looking to manage a medical condition or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, Foodini has you covered.

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Over 3000 Restaurants to choose from

19 Gluten Free Options
28 Vegetarian Options
28 Pescatarian Options


Over 2000 Restaurants to choose from

42 Gluten Free Options
22 Vegetarian Options
31 Pescatarian Options


Over 2000 Restaurants to choose from

19 Gluten Free Options
42 Vegetarian Options
41 Pescatarian Options