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Food Allergy Awareness Week

Despite Australia having one of the highest rates of food allergy incidence in the world, food allergies are often misunderstood. With 800,000 people living with a diagnosed food allergy nation-wide, it’s very likely that you know someone with a food allergy. But how much do we really know about food allergies? With food allergy rates rapidly growing year on year, it is vital that we share our knowledge of food allergy signs, food allergy symptoms and everyday management so that as a community, we can help to increase safety and inclusivity for everyone living with a food allergy.

Foodini - Food Allergy Awareness Week

As experts in food allergies and intolerances, we are proud to share our involvement in Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAW2022), from the 22nd-28th May. FAW2022 is an initiative of Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia which is dedicated to enhancing understanding of food allergens so we are all better equipped to support those at risk in our communities. 

At Foodini, we understand that living with dietary needs can be difficult. Without trusted information, dining out can be a menu minefield. It comes as no surprise that tediously scanning dishes and firing questions at every waiter takes away from the pleasure of eating out – this is where we jump in.

We use evidence-based information and work with expert local dietitians to keep you aware and up to date. We work with all of our incredible partners to bring you menus that are accredited dietitian reviewed so you can easily find options that are allergy-friendly and worry free! By acting as your menu matchmaker, we connect you with better dining experiences you can trust, helping to remove diet-xiety and empower people living with food allergies. So next time you are dining out, don’t forget to check #FoodiniFirst.

It is important to us that we build continuous awareness and involvement that spans beyond FAW2022. We want to make conversations around food allergies the norm and ensure that every dining experience is a safe, trusted and fulfilling one. It is Foodini’s goal to create positive dining for every person with a food allergy, intolerance or special dietary preference.

Foodini - Food Allergy Awareness Week

How can you help?

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia has created a collection of free resources that can be easily downloaded. With printable posters and social badges, show your support to the 800,000 Australians living with a diagnosed food allergy.