Gluten-Free Dining

Catering for Coeliac Disease & Gluten-Intolerances

Do you struggle to find suitable options for dining-out? We cater to each individual’s dietary needs, whether you have coeliac disease or are looking for gluten-free restaurants, Foodini is at your service. 

We believe in food freedom! The belief that everyone deserves to eat tasty food and be able to dine out with ease, despite their allergies and lifestyle choices. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of expert dietitians to assist you in navigating the restaurant scene and providing personalised menu recommendations tailored to your dietary profile, and even provide suitable substitutions to avoid ingredients you can’t eat or just hate. 

Our goal is to empower you with information and resources to help you make informed choices and feel confident in your gluten-free lifestyle. We are here to be your personal food guide to satisfy any food cravings you might have from gluten-free garlic bread to gluten-free dumplings. 

With the Foodini app by your side, you can be worry-free to eat gluten-free. We are committed in being a one-stop shop for all those who are struggling with eating-in or out. So, look no further, check out the Foodini database of gluten-free restaurants near you, which are constantly updated so you can be sure to get the most accurate information. 

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Over 3000 Restaurants to choose from

19 Gluten Free Options


Over 2000 Restaurants to choose from

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Over 2000 Restaurants to choose from

19 Gluten Free Options