Ovo-Vegetarian Dining

Catering for Ovo-Vegetarians

Eating out as an Ovo-Vegetarian can be more challenging than it seems. But we believe in Food Freedom, no one deserves to miss out on tasty food despite their lifestyle choices. 
What is an Ovo-Vegetarian Diet? 

An Ovo-Vegetarian diet is one where all meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products are avoided except eggs, which are still consumed. Being ovo-vegetarian can make it challenging to find suitable options when dining out at restaurants, especially when it comes to hidden animal-based ingredients in the menu. 

How Foodini Helps! 

Our goal is to empower you with choices and freedom to dine in or out without stressing about over your eating preferences. Foodini is one of the only dietician led apps with a reputation of being the #1 matchmaker for people with dietary needs.  

On Foodini, our team of expert dietitians are here to help you – whether it be to find restaurants that can cater to you or to guide you on specific menu items, we’ve got you covered. The Foodini app can even help find substitutions to help you avoid other animal-based ingredients and enjoy your meal to the fullest. At Foodini, we’re committed to making dining out a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

The Foodini App is here to be your personal food guide, and help you navigate through Ovo-Vegetarian menu options all around your city. All you need to do is create your personalised dietary profile and begin surfing for thousands of dining options near you. 

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Over 2000 Restaurants to choose from

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