Rolling out new Foodini app, way more than a food app

There are many incredible restaurants in Sydney with fresh concepts and menus full of flavour for everyone to have delightful experiences. However, 1 in 3 Australians deal with food allergies and dietary requirements and therefore struggle to find suitable places to eat from, especially during lockdown. Since our app launch in April, we have been on a mission to improve our app and continue to add more and more allergy friendly restaurant partners to our community. Get to know the new and updated Foodini app, and discover why it is more than a food app!

Get to know Foodini

Looking for restaurants in Sydney can be stressful for those who struggle to find suitable options for their dietary requirements and food allergies, as Foodini’s CEO Dylan (who is a coeliac himself), knows all too well. That is why Foodini’s mission is to make dining out with dietary requirements or food allergies easier, faster, safer and enjoyable!

Our unique app allows users to create a personalised profile of their specific dietary requirements and shows users the most suitable restaurants for them, and an exact breakdown of what they can and can’t eat on each menu. Therefore, to help ensure our information is accurate for customers and restaurants around Sydney, a registered dietitian is in charge of reviewing each restaurant’s menu items, ingredient by ingredient and allergen by allergen before adding it into Foodini’s app. Our dietitian team also helps restaurants regarding food preparation processes and procedures to promote best practices.

You asked – we listened!

Following our launch, we asked our customers and partners for feedback to understand their needs and ways to improve Foodini. We truly appreciated their time, and we have listened to them!
Recognising the urge for an app capable of meeting our loyal and new users’ expectations and the current lockdown in Sydney that has led restaurants and businesses to offer takeaway or delivery in Sydney, we have decided to launch our exciting new and updated app.

Some of the most significant changes you will find once you get to download or update the Foodini app are:

  • user-friendly personalised menu for you to explore and choose from our 50+ Sydney based partners.
  • An interactive interface that allows you to identify exactly what you can and can’t eat depending on your pre-defined dietary profile.
  • New horizontal scroll feature on the home page making it easier to explore categories such as “Gluten Free”, “Vegan” and “Healthy”.
  • New onboarding and tutorial screens to help you get the most from Foodini!
  • A new “Order Now” button that redirects you to the platform where you can order what you fancy from your selected restaurant in Sydney.
  • faster loading time resulting in a much improved customer experience.

Download Foodini

Do you need any more incentives to #getfoodini? Download or update the Foodini app and get to enjoy what you fancy without needing to worry about your food allergies or dietary requirements. Follow our socials, Instagram and Facebook, and get to be part of a community where catering for all dietary requirements is the norm, instead of the exception!






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