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Pssst… We’ve Found Sydney’s Best Vegan Burgers

Have you been dreaming about the perfect vegan burger? So have we. 

The plant-based food scene is growing, with more and more vegan options making their way to the forefront of Australian dining. When it comes to burgers, veganism doesn’t have to mean compromise. We all know that bland, boring vegan patties with no cheese (gasp!) just don’t cut the mustard. But what if we told you that you can have it all, without giving up all of the things that make burgers so irresistible?

All of the ingredients used by restaurants to make these drool-worthy burgers – from sizzling patties and sour pickles right down to the way they are cooked – is reviewed by our accredited dietitians. So when your next burger craving hits, you can be sure that by checking #FoodiniFirst, every bite will be satisfying. 

We’re stepping things up a notch and bringing you our ultimate favourites: we’ve found all of the must-have vegan burgers in Sydney and listed them here, so you can start fulfilling those vegan burger dreams. 

Foodini - best vegan burgers - pilgrims


Pilgrims is all about wholesome food that makes you feel good. 
With their huge range of plant-based burgers, there’s something for everyone. Not only do they cater to vegetarians and vegans, but also to our gluten-free friends with plenty of tantalising GF options to choose from. Pilgrims has brought healthy burger heaven to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, whipping up wholesome plant-based burgers that are dripping with flavour. 

Oh, and don’t forget to try their vegan favourite, the Millennium Burger. This bad boy is stacked high with a curry lentil pattie, fried onion, avocado, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, sprouts, tahini dressing and sweet chilli sauce – all nestled into a warm toasted roll. 

So what are you waiting for? Jump onto #FoodiniFirst and check out some of the best vegan burgers in Sydney.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - soul burger

Soul Burger

Dotted in and around Sydney’s city centre, Soul Burger is serving up some of the best vegan burgers in town. From southern fried chicken, BBQ beef brisket and chilli duck, all the way to plant-based bacon and battered fish. 

And the plant-based fun doesn’t stop there. Hot dogs, snack packs and fries have also made their way onto Soul Burger’s mouth-watering menu. With baby cos lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, egg and bacon (all plant-based), special burger sauce, tomato relish AND your choice of beetroot or pineapple, their Sydney Sider burger is an absolute must-try!

Soul Burger believes that there is more than one way for people to eat meat. They’re skipping saturated fats, food waste and carbon emissions and serving ingredients for vegan burgers that are not only packed with flavour, but also healthier for us and the planet. 
Who would’ve guessed that the humble burger would end up changing the world?

Foodini - best vegan burgers - flave


Imagine this: you bite into the juiciest, crispiest, most mind-blowingly delicious vegan burger you’ve ever tasted. It’s giving you all the sauce and it’s looking after the planet. Sounds too good to be true? Enter, Flave. 

Co-founders Sam and Stu have opened our eyes to the world of nutritious and convenient food that’s not only 100% plant-based, but also mouth-wateringly good. Their burgers know no boundaries, with diverse vegan options that celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism. Fancy a plant-based Italian feast, piled high in a juicy burger? Coming right up!

Flave’s Ballsy Burger is everything we’ve been dreaming of. It’s blatant, it’s ballsy, it’s bliss. This is a burger that knows how to treat you right – with Italian BUDS meatballs slow-cooked in a rich Napoli sauce, a slice of cheesy eggplant parmigiana, creamy pesto aioli, greens, and tomatoes all cosied inside a garlic-toasted seed bun (because you can never have too much garlic). It’s absolutely amazeballs. 

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes Scott Findlay, Head Chef of Flave. Scott trained under Gordon Ramsay (yes, you heard right), and has spent years travelling and cooking for rockstars – we’re talking Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Elton John… the list goes on. The good news? He’s bringing his fiery plant-based wonders straight to you.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - mary's


Mary’s means business and when it comes to vegan burgers, they’re not messing around. They claim to have the best burgers in the world – and we’re with them on that one. Scattered across Sydney, their most iconic venue neighbours the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sits right above Mary’s Underground, a spot buzzing with live music. 

Vegan alternatives often get a bad rap – Mary’s is here to change that by bringing you some banging burgers loaded with all the good stuff. 

Craving a classic cheeseburger? Mary’s has got you covered. Don’t miss out on their entirely vegan (and entirely delicious) cheeseburger with vegan patties, cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - the hive bar

The Hive Bar

Tired of being limited to just one measly vegan option? With a burger menu that is equal parts vegan, The Hive Bar brings all of the sauce. Sit back, relax and get your fix with one of their many vegan burgers, from southern fried ‘tricken’ to mushrooms and marinated capsicum – who said burgers can’t be healthy?

A departure from the usual beef patties doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite cheeseburger. The Hive Bar has crafted their very own Peagan Cheeseburger with a unique pea and edamame patty, vegan cheese, spicy chipotle, tomato chutney, lettuce, onion and pickles cosied between a soft vegan milk bun.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - huxtaburger


Get your napkins ready – this one’s going to be juicy. 
Huxtaburger is all inclusive, rolling out the best vegan burgers without compromising on all the good stuff. We’re talking vegan cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup – the works. They’ve partnered up with BUDS to revamp their plant-based range so that no matter your dietary needs, you can dig in and enjoy your favourite burger. 
Every BUDS Patty is entirely gluten-free with no artificial colours or preservatives and with 19 grams of protein, these burgers are nothing but plant-based pleasure.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - the hold

The Hold

Ahoy! The Hold has jumped aboard the vegan fleet to bring you some of Sydney’s best vegan burgers. Huddle into their dimly lit, pirate ship-inspired bar and restaurant and get your hands dirty with one of their deliciously juicy burgers. 

Feeling adventurous? Tuck into their Vegan Captain Jack burger and lose yourself in a stack of Detroit pickles, vegan bacon, Spanish onion, bourbon BBQ sauce and vegan mac ‘n’ cheese onion fritters.

Yes, you heard right, vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. Oh, and if you fancy something that’s not on the vegan menu, no problem! Every dish can be made vegan, so you can dine to meet your dietary requirements with ease.

Foodini - best vegan burgers - grill'd


With a menu packed full of healthy ingredients, Grill’d is revolutionising the way we feel about burgers. Finding a burger that is not only mind-blowingly tasty, but also free from excessive amounts of saturated fats, is every burger fanatic’s dream. Grill’d has taken things up a notch to bring you an endless list of vegan burger options, so you can satisfy your cravings and your dietary needs. 

Their Vegan Impossible Garden Goodness Burger really is impossibly good, with a meaty vegan pattie and vegan cheese, avocado, beetroot, cos lettuce, tomato and spanish onion smothered with relish and creamy vegan mayo. 
And if you’re feeling extra nibbly, why not much on some of their famous chips? (after all, no burger is complete without a side of fries). Choose from traditional thick-cut potatoes, sweet potatoes or zucchini chips. 

Move over greasy cheeseburgers, Grill’d is here and it’s making deliciously healthy burgers.



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