World Vegetarian Month – Here’s How You Can Celebrate

As October continues to fly by, so does World Vegetarian Month. We’re jumping in to share a few tips and tricks on how best to get involved in the final weeks of this plant-based celebration. 

Fancy Getting Involved? Here’s How!

Whether you’re whizzing around the kitchen with veggies in hand or hitting the town to explore your favourite plant-based venues is entirely up to you. Jumping on board this veggie month doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to meat entirely. In fact, there are a number of exciting ways you can get involved.

Go mad for meatless Monday

A nutrient-rich, veggie-packed meal. What a way to kick start the week! With so many delightful vegetarian recipes out there, going meatless on Mondays is a breeze. 

Get down and dirty in the garden

What better way to incorporate more veggies into your diet than growing them yourself? This one might take a little longer – tender loving care required – but we guarantee your meatless Mondays will be even more delicious with this homegrown touch.

Follow Plant-Based Instagram Creators 

We all love to discover new content on our social media platforms – it’s what makes them so interesting. Refresh your feed and explore vegetarian recipes, restaurant recommendations and tips by following plant-based foodies on Instagram. 

Veggie Eats Melbourne shares the most delicious vegetarian food across Melbourne, while Little Veggie Patch Co brings us an abundance of sunshine with their vegetable garden content. 

Seek Out a New Plant-Based Restaurant 

Dining Out? At Foodini, we have a growing community of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Australia. Think of the Foodini App as your very own vegetarian food guide

You really can’t go wrong these days — there are so many vegetarian options on the scene.  Finn Poke, Serotonin Eatery, Buddha Bowl Cafe and Four Frogs Creperie, to name a few.

A forever favourite, beautifully located in Bondi Beach, is Flave. If you haven’t already slurped their incredibly creamy dairy-free milkshakes or munched on their perfectly crispy, juicy burgers, you’re missing out. It’s plant-based like you’ve never tasted before. 

Fancy something lighter? As we roll into spring, fresh dishes are the go-to. At Haak Eatery, you can have just that. Their vibrant, veggie packed Bibim Bowls are loaded with tofu, avocado, edamame and a whole bunch of other goodies. 

Vegetarian Recipes

We’ve heard time and time again the many benefits that come with inviting more variety into our diets. So, why not try your hand at a few new veggie dishes? It is World Vegetarian Month, after all.

Substituting meat for punchy plant-based proteins is a great way to give meat-free dishes a crack. Meat alternatives are reinventing the way we eat, with companies such as Beyond Meat and Love BUDS opening our eyes to nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein. 

Think big – the sky’s the limit when it comes to meat alternatives. No matter your cravings – bangers, burgers – you name it, there’s a vegetarian option. So go on, pop your chef’s hat on and give these delicious vegetarian dishes a try.


Love BUDS Bang’n Bolognese 

Everyone loves Bolognese. It’s comfort in a bowl. This World Vegetarian Day, why not make it vegetarian? Love BUDS has already done all of the hard work in creating this banging recipe – all you have to do is enjoy it. 

Miso, Almond and Mushroom Soba Noodle Bowls

These fresh, zesty, Asian-style bowls will have you dancing on the table. Alongside the satisfying umami from a generous dose of miso, the meat-like texture of the mushrooms make this recipe the perfect lunch for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. 

Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe

We all love a warm, hearty bowl of pasta. Why not switch it up and give gnocchi a go? Naturally vegetarian, this rich and silky cacio e pepe sauce will be everyone’s favourite. Dairy free? No worries. Why not try a vegan version

However you decide to celebrate this World Vegetarian Month, be sure to check #FoodiniFirst to discover a world of easy, safe and delicious plant-based venues, at your fingertips.